• Nuisance tripping of breakers, damage to machinery and unexpected shutdowns are some of the symptoms of poor power quality. Whether the problem is voltage spikes, harmonic distortion, or intermittent power problems, Power Capacitors can provide a full load monitoring service and remedial equipment to help clients.

  • Transwave Converters

    The cost, performance and efficiency benefits of three phase machinery are well known, but what if you only have a single phase supply? Transwave converters allow the operation of single or multiple machines designed for three phase to be operated safely and efficiently from a single phase supply.

  • Power Capacitors operates the biggest team of directly employed PFC engineers in the UK. Regardless of who manufactured your PFC equipment, Power Capacitors has the experience and expertise to ensure it is maintained, repaired or upgraded correctly.

  • Power Factor Correction is probably the oldest and yet least understood energy saving technology. Most modern industrial sites incur ‘Reactive Charges’ which appears as an additional line on their electricity bill. Fortunately this is a relatively simple problem to fix, resulting in substantially lower electricity bills. The additional benefits include a measurable reduction in carbon emissions, reduced maintenance costs and increased supply capacity.

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Still seeing ‘Reactive Power’ Charges on your bill?.

If you have a poor power factor caused by motors on industrial sites then you will see needles charges on your bill.

Three phase from a single phase supply.

Many small to medium sized businesses and individuals struggle to cope with a single phase supply. Transwave converters can enable you to run three phase machinery without the need for a three phase supply.

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