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Power Capacitors has announced the appointment of Michael Dawson as their new business development manager.  The appointment raised some eyebrows seeing as Michael was the rookie out of a group of very experienced applicants.  His background in sales success comes primarily from the electrical wholesale industry although he has substantial technical site experience. “It was as much about the ethos of Power Capacitors for us as anything else” said National Sales Manager Tim Brown.  “Our longstanding belief that when you are good at what you do and provide exceptional service then sales are a natural by-product of that.”   Power Capacitors has been in the power quality business for 38 years and have developed a broad customer portfolio in power factor correction, product sales and development and on site servicing.  “The appointment has already paid dividends and we have benefitted from Michael’s ability to see us from the customer’s side of the fence so to speak” That being the case Michael is about to embark on a tough training programme supported by a team of experienced power quality engineers.  “I am looking forward to it immensely” he said “I am excited and apprehensive about getting my teeth into the technical aspects of the business, the standards here are pretty high”  Once up to speed he will be out meeting and working with new customers primarily around the North West of England.

Michael Dawson

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