Looking good for your age


PrintIn a recent press release, Power Capacitors Ltd claimed to be responsible for an overall carbon-dioxide reduction of 4 million tons across the company’s 40 year history. It was a fairly conservative estimate based on the average life of any standard Power Factor Correction equipment.  However, it did raise an interesting question: just how long could their products actually last in the real world? They decided to find out.

“It’s an interesting idea” said Technical Manager Matt Robbins. “We have a real time test facility that has been running for 40 years. We have the biggest team of specialist power factor engineers in the country who are servicing every manufacturers equipment, so we have a real handle on what’s out there. We wondered how far that boundary could be pushed”

The search is now on to find the oldest functioning Power Capacitors Ltd cubicle still with all its original capacitors. There is a case of ruby red wine up for grabs to the winning customer as well as a free maintenance service on the equipment. There are already reports coming in of late 70’s designs still in full working order, making these products many years older than most of the Power Factor correction companies that exist today. If you think you can do better, please contact Mike Dawson at Power Capacitors Ltd to have your claim verified and help them celebrate their Ruby Anniversary.


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