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Old Hands team of video bloggers have been out meeting customers recently to find out more about their business and how Transwave has played a small part in their success. Transwave has been around for over 30 years and operates in a wide range of industries. Our converters and inverters provide and control three phase supplies in meat processing, the motor trade and even organic farming. It's also striking how much of a role Transwave still plays in lathe conversion too. Whilst searching through the depths of our virtual archives we came across an old article that mentions our products some years ago, doing a great deal of what we still do now. It was this that lead us to an incredible and deep archive of machine tool history as well as manuals and advice at the website

If you are looking for any kind of information on lathes, millers or any kind of machine tools then this is the place to go. You can read the full article here

We also have a great PDF on their website which explains the in's and out's of inverters and converters and you can DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY HERE.




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