Power Capacitors App goes Apple


Einstein App

Since its launch the FREE Power Capacitors App has been a huge hit with specifiers and contractors alike. Their Power Factor Correction App is the only FREE App available to calculate not only Power Factor, but also the Carbon Emission savings with every potential piece of equipment. Until now it had only one fault, it was only available on Android. Not any more. Power Capacitors have recently launched the Apple version on iTunes for iPhone and iPad. Now you can use your Apple device whilst on site to take care of tricky Power Factor calculations. It also offers a KVAr figure for optimum performance and elimination of Reactive Charges. At last the Apple version is here on the iTunes store and is still free to download. Just like its Android version there’s a direct link to Power Capacitors for technical help and questions. After making your own calculations with the app customers can still opt for a free Power Factor survey from one of their experts.

Apple version

Android version

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