TRANSWAVE Converters

TRANSWAVE Converters




In a home workshop, farm, garage or small business environment there is often a requirement for the operation of machinery driven by three phase induction motors where only a single phase electricity supply is available. The TRANSWAVE Converter ® provides an artificial means by which three-phase motors can be operated from a single-phase supply thereby offering a cost-effective solution to this dilemma.

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Transwave Converters
In most instances, no modification to the machine is necessary. The Rotary Converter is particularly suited to the multi-motor, multi-operator environment. Multi-motor applications can be accommodated up to the maximum loading of the converter provided that the specified maximum single motor load is not exceeded. The Static Converter is designed to operate three phase motors with starting characteristics and duty cycles as generally experienced on machine tool applications (i.e. light to medium duty and relatively constant load conditions). This style of converter is typically used in single operator environments where only one machine is used at a time.
IMO inverters and IMO inverter/packages
The speed of an induction motor is directly related to its supply frequency. An inverter or frequency converter offers the facility to electronically vary the speed of a three-phase motor from a single-phase supply by varying the frequency of the supply to the motor.
TEC metric motors
Inverter-compatible 3-phase Metric and Imperial Motors; Inverter Motor Packages.