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The Green Machines


green_machinesPower Capacitors Ltd has been helping companies to reduce their carbon emissions for over forty years. The total carbon reduction attributed to Power Capacitors products is comfortably more than a million tonnes. That being the case they could be forgiven for thinking they may have “done their bit”, but not so.
Behind the scenes they have been working to ensure that as many parts of their supply chain adhere as closely to their own environmental standards as possible. As a result, the company has recently switched its web hosting to Hypergalaxy, a leading carbon neutral provider. Hypergalaxy were one of the few companies able to make guarantees that they are not only buying energy from renewable resources, but are also supporting a number of UK reforestation schemes. Their robust and reliable platform utilises servers based in the UK, ensuring the benefits stay close to home.
Sales Manager Tim Brown commented. “Saving money and reducing carbon have always gone hand in hand where our own products are concerned. That’s always been part of the reason for our success. In this case it’s slightly different. We searched the market to find a provider who could offer the green credentials whilst still being competitive in the marketplace. Hypergalaxy have done exactly that.”
So next time you log on to the Power Capacitors website looking for ways to reduce your own carbon emissions or download the free app, you can be assured everything will work just as well as it has always done, it just feels better.
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