TRANSWAVE to the Rescue!

TRANSWAVE to the Rescue!

TRANSWAVE to the Rescue!


Power Capacitors Limited features on “Grand Designs” Channel 4 – 19 September 2012

The programme, aired on 19 September, featured Celia and Diana and their plans to build a state-of-the-art home from scratch on a plot of land in Hertfordshire.

The couple decided to pioneer an entirely new way of building and construct the world’s first computer-cut house, acting as guinea pigs for a team of young industrial designers from London who came up with a complex yet simple to assemble structure. The centrepiece of the build process is the Facit Mobile Production Facility (pictured). This “workshop in a container” is the first of its kind anywhere in the world allowing the whole structure to be produced and assembled on site (small team, low overheads, high output) – “the facility just keeps rolling until we have enough to keep us busy for a day, or until it stops raining!”  However, few sites have access to mains 415v 3-phase power – this site in Hertfordshire was no exception. Bruce Bell at Facit Homes contacted Power Capacitors Limited who provided a TRANSWAVE Rotary Converter to facilitate the operation of the Multicam CNC router equipment including a large vacuum pump from the single phase 240v mains supply. This was achieved at a fraction of the cost of the installation of a 3-phase supply or an alternative generator option.

The build was completed inside seven months. The Mobile Production Facility has since moved on to the next site.

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