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Westminster hosts Birmingham Day



Power Capacitors was keeping company with a small number of Birmingham’s highly skilled specialist manufacturers last week. They were one of around ten companies invited to Wesminster to share their expertise with politicians, Lords and businessmen and celebrate a new age of cooperation in the region.

The “Birmingham – We still make things” Day at Westminster shows examples of the kind of world class supply chain manufacturing which will give the city and the region the economic success and resilience we are looking for.

The Birmingham Day entitled “We still make things” was designed to promote and celebrate the manufacturing design and diversity across the Midlands. There was special emphasis on the new breed of manufacturing expertise who are world leaders in their field. Ready to follow in the footsteps of established global brands.

The new breed are certainly making their mark on the world. Backed up by global leaders Jaguar Land Rover and JCB, an army of tier one and two suppliers are increasingly growing in confidence and exporting their wares all over the world.

Power Capacitors was established in 1973, long before the mainstream carbon reduction agenda hit the headlines. The huge part that the company has played in the carbon reduction scenario is almost impossible to calculate. They specialise in a technology called “Power Factor Correction” which can considerably reduce industrial energy bills whilst recovering its initial cost within two years. Many industrial energy consumers have resigned themselves to paying a hefty penalty imposed by their energy provider called a “Reactive Charge” which can run into hundreds of pounds a month. This is because they have a poor power factor which is a reflection of their inefficient use of electrical energy. Power Capacitors can offer a relatively simple solution. They have been installing and maintaining Power Factor Correction technology since 1973, reducing energy bills and carbon output for thousands of industrial consumers.

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