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Whats inside?


To help celebrate its 40th anniversary Power Capacitors Limited is searching for the oldest functioning Power Factor Correction cubicle of its own manufacture, still containing all of its original capacitors. The Company has already found examples with capacitors manufactured in 1977.

It’s not just the design expertise that has kept Power Capacitors at the forefront of Power Factor Correction over the last 40 years but the company’s absolute commitment to the highest quality and most reliable components available. In support of this, all Power Factor Correction cubicles supplied since 1994 have been fitted with Electronicon Capacitors.

ELECTRONICON Kondensatoren GmbH has been associated with the manufacture of capacitors in Gera since the late 1930s, when the SIEMENS organisation moved part of its production facility to Eastern Thuringia.

Since then, the company has extended considerably. High quality and reliability have been the core elements of the company’s philosophy from day one. Continual development in its product ranges has resulted in ELECTRONICON becoming one of Europe’s leading capacitor manufacturers, supplying customers worldwide.

Power Capacitors Limited has been the exclusive UK distributor of Electronicon Power Capacitors since 1994.

When you buy Power Capacitors expertise, you buy Electronicon capacitors.

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